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Goldenchild Jay


GoldenChild Jay

GoldenChild Jay was born on September 25th, in Brooklyn, NY. Being raised in the neighborhood of Bushwick, his community influenced the development of his soulful flow, as well as his mindset: To fear no man and be independent.

A real go-getter, the name "GoldenChild" was first given to him by his family, because in their eyes he could do no wrong. That name has proven worthy as he has succeeded at everything he has put his mind to, from being a D1 athlete to getting his degree. He embodies a motto of limitless living, letting no circumstances get in his way. His inspiration for songs are inspired by events from his life and things he has been through and seen, as well as legends such as Hendrix and Marley.

While others look to the skies he lives beyond the stars making rhymes to pass the time down in Smokeyland. There’s a message to be heard in all of his songs with flows that will penetrate the most close-minded individuals. He currently resides in Flatbush a place that can be considered as a melting pot of other talents making him feel right at home. Ready to join the ranks of the Brooklyn’s greatest rappers, he knows with hard work and a steady grind dreams can become realty. Keep those eyes open...the rise is real.


BRBMarch 9, 2013

Music : GoldenChild Jay

If 6 was 9March 9, 2013

Music : GoldenChild Jay

Zonin SecondMarch 9, 2013

Music : GoldenChild Jay

Fly ArtMarch 9, 2013

Music : GoldenChild Jay

Ridin ThurMarch 9, 2013

Music : GoldenChild Jay

SearchinMarch 9, 2013

Music : Tay Best Ft. GoldenChild Jay


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GoldenChild Jay

Fly Art

GoldenChild Jay

Ridin Thur

GoldenChild Jay


GoldenChild Jay


Tay Best Ft. GoldenChild Jay